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The Writer

Writing today, won’t be such a chore.
Well, after I do the tasks and run out the door.
I’ll go to the grocer, then AT&T,
Grab a quick coffee, or just some green tea,
Then zip across town to shop REI
(I need a new coat before winter snows fly.)
Now out to lunch with my partner and friend
Before I come home and try writing again
But first put in laundry and fill the crockpot,
Shampoo the dog and clean house a lot.
Unpack from travels and clean up my space
Pull out the laundry and fold it in haste.
Oh, must water the plants and let the dog out,
Run in circles and try not to shout!
By now it is dinner I’ve not written a word,
The time goes so fast that it’s really absurd!
I put on my jammies and crash by the TV
And tomorrow I’ll write, it’s a promise to me.



The wind is my sea

Her waves wash through these pines for

Baptism by air

The Energy it Takes

The energy it takes to choose sides
To face a monster and then bless it as
Having no power
Over your lighted soul,
Oh my heart,
My friend,
My beloved,
To simply remember
That the amnesia
Is the trick…
Not the war.
Who and why you have always been a warrior
And rise up again
To take the day for

2013Vali Hawkins Mitchell

Collateral Hugs

Chaotic energies from the war-born children on the playground,
ranging from innocent Hello Kitty giggles to collateral damage violent ragings,
Whirl like speeding tricycle wheels around my ankles.
If you try to avoid the spins you can get caught up in the pain.
Or you can let it all
circle around you and upward toward your heart.
After it enters that holy chamber
let it all burst out through your opens arms
Embrace them
in one
Great hug.

(Strangely enough I was asked to spontaneously offer up a poem to a staff member on a playground yesterday. Here is what came out, for what it’s worth 9/28/12)

The Steam

The Steam

I envy the steam release from the cafe roof.
It bursts out with liberating heat like a child at recess,
then disappears as quickly to its next
classroom of ocean, river, raindrop, or tear.
I see the first hegira and the rest is seen by The Teachers.

©vali 4/2012

Do Overs

the wind blows my sweet-smelling laundry off the line
into the mud
my angry regrets
are followed by rewashing the worn flowered
cotton hankies
given me by
my beloved grandmother
and blessing the
wind for the
chance to vist them again

©vali 2012

Lisa’s Smile

Lisa’s Smile

Your smile is a shining light that works like a joy tattoo inside my mind.
If I think of it, the darkness disappears and the day becomes bright
Your smile is a shining light that works upon the world
Radiating peace and hope and inspiration and whimsy, whenever it forms on your sweet face.
I miss your smile, but never for very long.

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