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Reunion Roadtrip

Reunion Roadtrip

Pacific Northwest!!!
I’ve missed you!
I fall on the fragrant warm grass.
As the sun heats my back, my belly seeks the Mother of my childhood.
I plead to be remembered and offer up a sacred song with holy sticks, but too long gone I have forgotten the lyrics.
Sweet sibling wind hums though the pine trees directing me back to the lilac path, and I’m forgiven for my tedious excursions.
I pat the heads of cousins, fern, rhody, holly, dandelion and clover. Squirrel offers a familiar tree leap to startle me, bee hovers at eye level to check my iris ID, and I drench Mother’s arms with tears of homecoming gratitude. The walkabout always calls, so I invite them along. They all grab their cold weather togs and pack up to head to Alaska with me!
Hoorah! A Road trip with my family of origin.



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